AirBnB Best. Day. Ever!


You’ve been dreaming about your wedding day since you were little and maybe you’ve envisioned a beautiful church with crystal windows or an outside venue with grass and market lights.  But have you considered an airbnb?  This quaint, little place is a gem.  The lovely couple and their many friends and family members gathered at this beautiful airbnb in San Diego.  With lots of rooms for getting ready, staying a few days and outside patios, the beauty was endless.

There was no shortage of appetizers, tacos from the taco man and drinks from the tequila bar.   And the desert table!  Can you say donuts?

You wouldn’t even have to trim your guest list!  Here are some features to look for when choosing your Airbnb venue:

  • a bedroom for everyone
  • a large dining table
  • space for a ceremony outside (and inside in case of rain)
  • flexible check-in and out times
  • space for the everyone to get ready

No matter the venue or location you choose to have your BEST. DAY. EVER!, we want to be there!  Let us capture the laughs, the tears, and all the details.  Experience The Difference with us 🙂



Do you need a prenup?


More and more couples today, not just celebrities, don’t plan on combing their assets and even finances when they get married.  Odd?  Tell me about it.  So what exactly is a prenup (prenuptial agreement) and who needs one…..

Any couple who will bring personal or business assets to the marriage may consider a prenup. The most basic of these contracts lists an inventory of premarital assets that in the event of a divorce will remain the property of their original owner.

So anyone with assets that may get a divorce.  Hmmmm….. no one plans on getting a divorce and it’s such an ugly thought.  So here are some pros and cons for you to decide what is best for you.

For Mike and I, we are in it for the long haul.  When we became one, it meant our finances, income, debt and our assets became one.  We will grow old together and even though life brings us curves, hills and valleys, as well as triumphs, there are no other options or back up plans.  We will grow old together, through sickness and health, for richer or poorer.  We declare a healthy, prosperous life together!


  • Property protection: Prenuptial agreements help define which items of property each partner will be entitled to in the event of divorce or separation.
  • Avoid costs in the future: If most of the legal issues are covered by a prenuptial agreement, the couple may be able to avoid costly litigation in the future.
  • Special provisions: Besides property matters, the partners are free to include special provisions for matters that may be unique to their situation.
  • Debts: Pre-marital agreements can also determine how liability for debts will be distributed between the partners. The agreement can also help protect each party from issues with creditors.


  • May be unnecessary: State laws sometimes cover many of the issues that are addressed in a prenuptial agreement. Also, most states don’t allow certain issues to be resolved through a prenup, such as child support matters- these are resolved through court mechanisms.
  • May be too early: At the engagement stage of a relationship, it may be too early to need a prenuptial agreement. This is especially the case for younger couples, who have not yet acquired a significant amount of property or assets.
  • Issues with “trust”:  Many feel that even bringing up the idea of a prenuptial agreement indicates a lack of trust. While prenuptial agreements cannot encourage divorce, some feel that the use of a prenuptial agreement leaves the couple open to the possibility of separation or divorce.
  • Faith: If you are getting taking your vows before God and believe that marriage is forever, then there is no need for a back up plan and all finances and assets will most likely be combined regardless.

In speaking with Jessica Pederson from JWB Family Law, it is suggested that you discuss this with your future spouse way ahead of your BEST. DAY. EVER!  If you are not sure, schedule a free consultation either with Jessica or your preferred family attorney.

Lauren and Tim engaged!

Fun. Dynamic.  Easy going.  These are words we use to describe Lauren and Tim.  Meeting Lauren only on the phone and then Tim on the day of the engagement session, you would have thought we have all known each for years.  Besides the fact that Mike has been a Cowboy’s fan for many years and Tim having a Cowboy’s tattoo, becoming friends just seemed flawless.

It was a beautiful day in San Diego and Lauren and Tim were just loving life.  This amazing couple has known each other for sometime, friends first, getting engaged just seemed natural.  With them both working together in the restaurant industry, they spent a lot of time together and fell in love.  Even though their future has been but a glimpse in their eyes, they act like an old married couple!

It has truly been our pleasure to photograph their engagement session and we can’t wait for their BEST. DAY. EVER!!  But for now, help us to encourage Lauren and Tim to enjoy this season of planning their future.


Education Trust West – Sacramento

Ever meet someone and just click?  Yea us too.  That is what happened when Anthony first contacted us in the summer of 2017.  They were having their annual Education Equity Forum in San Diego and they needed a photographer.  We thought an event like this is comparable to a wedding so we can do it.  And we did!  Getting to know more about the organization, the amazing people and their mission.

Fast forward to this summer of 2018….. Jelena, another amazing colleague at Ed Trust West, contacted us and asked us to be a part of their 2nd annual equity forum in Sacramento!  Yup!  You heard me right.  Sacramento.  I know that may not sound like a glorious place to travel to, however you can’t tell me that when an organization wants you to travel for services, you wouldn’t be excited 🙂 Besides we got to drive by the capital and it was pretty cool.

A little bit about The Education Trust West.  Why?  Because after photographing two of their annual events, I realized there is more to know about what happens in our schools and the education system is important to ALL of us, not just those with children in school.

They are comprised of civil rights, education, public policy, business, and community leaders who have a demonstrated commitment to educational equity. Council members act as ambassadors, advocates, and allies to help expand and deepen the influence of the organization by providing access to new alliances and critical funding sources that help ETW drive forward with a bold education reform agenda that illuminates the magnitude of the achievement gap in education, challenges the status quo on behalf of children, and empowers our diverse California communities.

You can learn more about them here.

What a great time, awesome people and lots of fun!