She is an Administrator Coordinator Extraordinaire…. and she knows it!

Doni is an incredible asset to our team here at Mike and Jenn photography! From day one of our collaboration with her, she became a part of the vision for our team and has enhanced our business in so many ways. Her administrative abilities supersede what Mike and I could do on our own and she continually provides ways for us to focus on providing our clients with the utmost care and attention.

I met Doni during her first year of Bible college and immediately recognized her incredible ability for organization, follow-through, positive outlook, and pursuit for excellence in everything she does. Within a short time, she has become our administrative coordinator, and has been handling much of the administrative tasks and logistics within our company and at events. Watching Doni gracefully and fluidly step into this role has been inspiring to me and has enhanced our lives and business in more ways than one.

It is a blessing and an honor to have her on the team. Her willing spirit and passion for this company have become an integral part of what drives Mike and Jenn Photography forward! Doni, we love and cherish you and could not be more grateful for all your hard work. I am so excited for everything the future holds for our partnership and friendship!


Be sure to greet Doni with kindness when you hear from her or see her around our shoots!  You will be glad you did!!

No matter what your business is, we can capture your best side too.  The true you. Bringing out the best in our clients is what we do!  No matter the field you are in, you always need portraits!  We’ve also added production to our services!!  Yup!  That’s right 🙂 Need marketing content for your business?  Whatever your passion is….. let us capture it!  You can see more of our work here and don’t forget to visit us on FB and Instagram.  We are Mike and Jenn Photography and Mike and Jenn Productions everywhere. 🙂

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Businesses needs doctors too.

Meet Dr. Stephen Kalaluhi of the TV show The Business Doctor.  Dr. Stephen is also the founder of K2 Development Systems, author and much, much more!  Even though this contagious smile is him all day long, he is a beast when it comes to and equipping business owners and entrepreneurs with the systems, strategies, and structure
needed to build flourishing and thriving businesses.



If you haven’t read his new book yet…. “Build, Grow, Scale, Repeat”, then head over to his FB page here and get yourself a copy!


Dr. Stephen has an amazing family and has a lot of passion for life itself.  Putting his faith first, family second and then somehow manages to be a boss in the marketplace!  His goal in business is simple…. To eradicate the currently accepted epidemic that is
small business failure.  Deep I know!!


If you want to know more about Dr. Stephen or even meet him, because well you should, then check out his Linked In profile.

Don’t forget…. Smile.  Enjoy life.  And go after your vision with a purpose!