She got skillz son

Everyone has talents and gifts.  Some are athletically talented.  Some can belt out the high notes while singing the National Anthem.  And some are creative.  That is where Megan from Pearl and Pen comes in.  She is simply creative.  With her meek personality, she surprises you from listening to old soul and R&B to her quirky little sense of humor.  It’s then you know there is gold in her.  Not just her creative edge but something else.  Something else that makes you warm up to her, wanting to get more of a peak of her personality, and what makes her so creative and her overall presence.  This is Megan…….


Catching moments of her personality became easy once we spent some time with her.  And then that is when you see it!  The smile.  The sweet side and then….. the fun attitude!


You can see Megan’s work on Instagram but I highly recommend you reach out to her.  Because whatever you see is not a clear picture of all her amazingness!  From designs to weddings.  In fact you will want to visit her website to see all that she does and more because we couldn’t do it justice.  She truly is talented and gifted!!


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